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Search Engine Placement Methods

The following is a list of techniques and methods we use to achieve targeted traffic with our search engine placement package. :

Keyword Research:
To properly optimize your site for search engine traffic, you must know which keywords are being used to find your products or services. Absolute Webdesigns will research these keywords and determine which would be most effective in bringing targeted visitors to your web site.

Meta-tag Construction:
Many of the major search engines use meta-tags to index your site. Using the keywords we have researched, Absolute Webdesigns will create effective meta-tags to be inserted into your web site's source code. The use of properly constructed meta-tags is essential for a high search engine ranking.

Monthly Submissions:
Search engines differ in their submission, resubmission, and ranking criteria. If your web site is submitted improperly, you risk lower rankings, being dropped from the engine, or (even worse) your site could be banned permanently. We make sure that your site gets listed and stays listed with the major search engines. Click here for a list of the search engines we submit to.

Visitor Tracking:
A valuable feature which allows us to further enhance your web site's ability to bring in targeted traffic. Through the insertion of a tracking code into pages that we submit, we are able to analyze the keywords and other sources visitors are using to find your site. We are then able to make any needed modifications to improve your traffic count.

Gateway Pages:
A gateway is a web page created specifically to rank well on search engines and one of the most effective methods of obtaining a high search engine ranking.

After the appropriate keywords have been determined, Absolute Webdesigns will construct your gateway page in a manner that greatly enhances it's ability to rank well on the search engines. This includes meta-tags, internal code structure, etc.

Paid Directory Listings:
While there are many search engines that allow free listings, some require a fee for enhanced listings (Overture, etc) or any listing at all (Yahoo for commercial sites, etc). Some are expensive and some not so expensive. We will consult with clients who wish to have the added advantage of a paid directory listing, offering our advice on which engine(s) would be most effective for their particular web site.

Search Engine & Directory Research:
We stay on top of the various methods search engines use to rank web sites. This improves our ability to achieve a top ranking. As their ranking criteria change, Absolute Webdesigns will make needed modifications to sustain your traffic flow.

Updates & Maintenance:
Once we've achieved your rankings, we continue monthly research and tracking. This enables us to keep you on top of the search engines as visitor's surfing habits change. Once we get you there, we keep you there!

Express Submission
Our express submission option allows your web site to be listed in MSN, AOL, Overture, Hotbot, Iwon, and Looksmart within 4 days guaranteed! Normally, search engines take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months before your site is listed. With express submission, your web site will be visible in the above search engines in under a week! Standard listing times will still apply for Google, Altavista, and other directories we submit to.

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